We offer and sell FKL bearings
FKL company headquarters

The Serbian bearing manufacturer FKL has had vast experience with bearing production since the times of ex-Yugoslavia. The company was established in 1961 and ever since its beginnings has specialised in machinery production for agricultural purposes. Subsequently, it has broadened its specialisation to include the fabrication of bearings.

Currently, FKL produces bearing units under its own brand and at the same time, thanks to the high standards of its products, provides the production for other premium brands. In the fabrication of its products FKL uses modern technologies, quality input materials and adheres to the certified quality control management so that the FKL products meet the high requirements of the European market. FKL holds the certificates 9001, 14001 and 18001. One hundred percent of the FKL products have their origin in its own manufacturing facility.

FKL factory

The main FKL products are the housed ball bearing units of the Y-type, but the manufacturer also offers a broad portfolio of automobile and agriculture bearings and cardan shafts. Besides, FKL is able to provide custom-made atypical bearings according to the customers' wishes.

FKL factory

FKL boasts to be one of the most successful mechanical engineering manufacturers in South East Europe.

Korbel – ložiska, s.r.o., is proud to be an authorised FKL bearings distributor.

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We offer and sell FKL bearings

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